Money Plant Growth and Its Care-Complete Guide

How to Grow Money Plant

Money plant has a special ability as it can be grown well in soil, sand, and as well in water. This is the interesting factor about Money Plant that it can also grow well in water without soil or sand. You can grow it easily at home, it is an average maintenance plant. You are going to know about the healthy growth and best care of the Money Plant.

Beauty of Money Plant

Money plant is the best choice of plant to grow at home. We can say that it come limitless benefits. Money plants are well known for the wealth and prosperity they bring. It is the most beneficial plant to be grown in the home. Money plants will not only bring you good health and wealth but also enhance the beauty of any corner, or any other place of your house. It is said that the laves of money plants are heart-shaped. There are many ways to décor you place with Money plant. It can be grown in a jar, pot, container, etc.

Grow Money Plant
Grow Money Plant

How to Grow Money Plant

  • You can use a simple jar or anything bottle and fill it water.
  • Get a healthy branch cutting of 30cm with 4-5 nodes from a healthy mother plant.
  • Remove the lower leaves and put them in the jar.
  • Nodes should be submerged in water.
  • Let the branch cutting develop roots in the water.
  • Then transplant it into the soil for better development and fast growth.
  • You can also grow it directly in soil but this is the pro technique for fast growth.
  • Take a medium-size port, preferred. The growth of plants also depends upon the size of the pot.
  • Put the nodes or roots of branches properly in soil not leaves and fill it again with soil.
  • Place it in sunlight.



Care of Money Plant

  • When the plant is in water maintain the water level and change the whole water once a week in summers and once in 2-3 weeks inCare of Money Plant


  • If you transplant it into the soil make sure that you have a good drainage system in the pot.
  • You can do two holes in the bottom of the pot and cover it with a piece of paper.
  • Keep soil moist. Use a shower for it. Sprinkle water on leaves and soil.
  • Maintain water level. Excess water will turn leaves in yellow color.
  • Acidic soil is the best soil for money plants with a pH up to 6-6.5.
  • Care of Money PlantFertilizers are optional. They can be used for faster growth.

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