Multiple Benefits of Moringa



Moringa oleifera is a plant native to the tropics and parts of subtropics that works similarly to kale in providing nutritional support, but unusually this crop is typically consumed entirely by animals and humans, never insects.

It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years as an effective cure-all and it is very beneficial for Men and Women is several ways. The moringa tree is a highly efficient food producer:

⦁ Boasting 2.5 times the protein content of spinach
⦁ 5 times that of tomatoes
⦁ 7 times that of potatoes
⦁ 30 times that of wheat

The Moringa is considered a miracle tree in parts of Asia because of its many nutritional properties. Indigenous peoples are aware of its detoxifying abilities, as Moringa seeds have lots of Chlorophyll, which helps the body naturally cleanse itself.
Fresh or dried leaves have been discovered to have antibiotic properties against certain bacteria
propagated by viruses and fungi.

Moringa Benefits

Moringa can be used in a Variety of Ways:

Used by mouth in the form of powder or capsules:

It is taken as an antioxidant to reduce swelling, prevent fluctuation with irregular heartbeats, lower blood pressure and even treat fever. It is also used by women during their pregnancy and breastfeeding periods to increase milk production, overall health, and the immune system.

Moringa Seeds

Moringa seeds are commonly referred to as male aphrodisiacs due to the naturally occurring amino acid that contributes toward enhancing sexual function at the most basic level. This amino acid boosts circulation within the body while relaxing tissues of the genitals. Moringa can contribute to better erections and increased sex drive regularly accompanied by improved muscle mass.


Moringa Oil:

Moringa is often perceived as a food or health supplement rather than a beauty product, but it’s an incredible multi-purpose oil that can be used both topically and by diffusing its fragrance into the air. It’s preferred in aroma-therapy massage because it absorbs directly into the skin, leaving it hydrated and nourished.

For regular massages, moringa is also used in perfumes and mixologists alike because of its exotic scent: taking care of one’s body with healthy food and supplements such as moringa should be coupled with beautifying choices such as using it in aromatherapy.

Moringa Oil

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