• BONE MEAL 500 gram



    Bone meal is a organic source of nutrients for gardening. This rich source of phosphorous and calcium is best for fruit and flower development on your plant.

    Bone meal as name suggest is made from ground up animal bones. Bone meal is generally used by gardeners to increase phosphorous content in the soil. This is also the good source of calcium. Bone meal also aids in balancing phosphorous content in nitrogen rich organic manure.

    Care Instructions

    • Use gloves / mask if you are allergic to fertilizers


    • This pack is sufficient for 1 plant potted in a pot having 5-6 inch diameter for approx 2 years
    • Eco friendly No chemicals Easy application Better fruit and flower quality

    How To Use?

    • Apply bone meal in plants during their active growth season or in spring season Plants planted in garden in ground spread 4-5 Kg bone meal per 100 Sq. feet area In potted Plants apply bone meal once in 2-3 months in circular manner around plant but away from main stem and apply water1-2 tablespoons for small plants 2-4 tablespoons for medium plants5-6 tablespoons for bigger plants in pots
    • You can use bone meal along with any nitrogen rich organic manure
    • You can add it in soil mix before planting new plants in pots also
    • You can use it in existing plants in pot directly
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