Care Instructions

  • Store in cool and dry placeKeep it away from the reach of the children
  • If ingested seek medical advice immediately


  • This pack is sufficient for 1 plant potted in a pot having 5-7 inch upper diameter for 8-10 months
  • BiodegradableEnvironment friendlyAvailability of nutrients for linger timeEnhance micorbial activity and humus content in soilNo chemicals

How To Use?

  • Apply it around the plants in circular manner but away from main stem
  • For potted plants Small: Apply 1-2 table spoons once in a monthMedium: Apply 2-3 Table spoon once in a monthLarge: Apply 4-5 table spoon once in a month
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Product Description

Blood Meal is a source of organic, nitrogen-rich fertilizer that often comes in the form of dry powder. Blood meal is sourced from animal blood, often from cattle, and is a slaughterhouse by-product.

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